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Hello, this ought to be my very first post in this blog and I am so excited to stay safe online with you. Today specifically I would love to talk about keeping your phone and its content safe. And below I will be giving you various tips that will keep you going. It is obviously hard to keep a mobile phone secure than it is with a laptop. So, take note of the tips below.

Install an anti-virus on your phone.

We all know that malware render our information useless because they deliberately destroy files. In order to keep our phones safe, we have to install anti-virus. Some of the anti-virus that are safe to install on a mobile phone are Kaspersky, Bitdefender, nortion mobile security, look out, avast. Precautions need to be taken while installing anti-viruses because some anti-viruses are actually viruses that can cause further damage.

Take care when opening links.

Some links are phishing links though they seem enticing. Examples of phishing links are links that look like promotional links “Click here to win 100,000shs from the government” Beneath the links are malware that will destroy your computer. I was once a victim of phishing and I ended up having tempered information whenever I could use google chrome.

Download apps from secure platforms like google play.

Avoid downloading apps from unknown sources on web browsers. Incase you have not installed authentic app downloading platforms on your phone. You may ask for a link for the app from a friend who will share the link through google play. I have shared a video attached below on how to copy a link to be used on another device

Keep your password safe because even your friend can betray you.

Ever wondered how surveillance apps are installed on your phone. It is the people who most likely know you who are bound to do it.

Set up strong passwords.

The best passwords often are a paraphrase. A strong password also contains numerical characters and upper case and lowercase letters. If you are having difficulties in remembering your password, then you ought to use password managers like bitwarden.

That is all we can learn for now but keep your eyes glued here because next we will learn how to install anti-virus on our phones in order to avoid malware.

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