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Different forms of cyber harrassment

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It is hard to know that we are facing or we are being the implementors of cyberharrassment when we don’t even know the types. Back in the day, i didn’t know that i was harrassing someone when i threw a comment on a post in order to attract the attention of other people. All i wanted to do was fetch as many replies as possible and it becomes something which is fun. Today I want us to look at the different forms of cyber harrassment that manifest on media so that we are aware of what we are doing and as well look for ways to overcome once faced with the scenario


Trolling is making of uncalled for comments on social media in order to attract the attention of others who will come and offer the same comments. Imagine Peter shared a post of his wife and then someone mentions this comment ” wife without exercise makes poor bedroom activity and then the rest follow with additional comments to spice up the conversation. It sounds interesting but it aint funny to the victim at all.


I have been a victim of cyber stalking so many times and sometimes I wonder the guts that some people have. This is repeated harrasment of someone using social media platforms, the internet. I remember someone from an international group, insulting me repeatedly because i didn’t reply their messages on time. I became ugly to them though i knew I wasnt ugly. Stalking may sometimes seem positive because some people deliberately just woo you online and promise to take it offline because you have refused to abide.

Online impersonation

Have you ever got a friend request from an account that seems to be for a celebrity yet it is not. Someone deliberately decides to label themselves as someone else in order to harrass, intimidate or get favours. We have heard of people pretending to be sick and soliciting money from fake accounts

Revenge porn

This is one of the most common types of cyber harrasment. Someone decides to post ponographic pictures of another person as a form of revenge. This is normally done by exes(Is that the plural of ex). An ex typically threatens to release your nude pictures because you have refused to continue dating him and when he definately releases, the shame that covers you is horrible


Swatting is when someone releases an address of another person in order to harm them by making a fake call. Swatting is common among political figures. Someone releases the address of another politician who is launching a campaign somewhere and alerts the police that the politician is plotting a troublesome move. If the person is found guilty of spreading false information, they can be charged to court or even be imprisoned


This is the act of publishing someone’s information online with the intention of making other people hurt them. Someone may publish information about a woman cheating on her husband and even release the photographs. The rest will go ahead and abuse her or even call her a bitch


This is when someone posts a fictious identity in the name of starting a relationship. This is very common in dating sites. Not all the people in dating sites look like they look. Some profile pictures are feck, other body types are feck as well. Someone skinny posts a picture of a mascular man so tall yet he barely has a muscle

The internet is full of all categories of people but one key thing is taking caution while using it because we can not avoid it

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