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In the previous week, I made a video that takes you through the steps of encrypting and decrypting emails and now i just want to note down the steps right here. You should be able to watch the video through the link below

Asymmetric encryption also referred to as public key cryptography uses public key private key pairing to encrypt and decrypt messages. For the person you are sending the email to to be able to decrypt your messages, they must have mailvelope as an extension and must have created a public and private key

Step 1: Hover your mouse over to the icon of extensions on your web browser, at the top right of your screen and click on the icon. It should be able to display a new small window and a list of extensions incase you have many installed. Click on mailvelope. If you don’t have mailvelope added to your web browser, please read through my previous article to add. I am sharing the link right here Select dashboard

Step 2: Click on key management.

Step 3: Click on generate key. Fill in your details, the name of the key, the email, the password for opening the key. Then scroll down and click on the button generate key

Step 4: Mailvelope will send you an encrypted message, click on show message and decrypt it using the key that you have created. Enter the password you used for creating the key. The message will be decrypted.

Step 5: Click on the link to verify your email address

After verifying your email address, you should be able to use the key that you have created to encrypt and decrypt messages. But then you have to create a key for the person you want to send an email to in order for you to send encrypted messages to them.

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