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The possibility of someone viewing your search history on google

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When it comes to google accounts being safe, we shouldn’t limit the level of precaution we must take because there’s a possibility of someone viewing your search history on google. A google account is often the center of attraction for most hackers because the moment someone can access your account, they are also able to reset all your social media passwords, make as many transactions from your visa card as possible and even be able to create malicious ware using it as an approval point; there’s one thing that catches my attention most when it comes to the safety of search history; the element of privacy. As soon as a hacker is able to access your google account, the next thing they will want to do is find out if there is useful information that took him to the point of opening your account, they go to your search history.

lets assume there are two devices; device A and device B. Device A is the victims phone and Device B is the hacker’s laptop. If the victim logged into her chrome browser and then searched for something like ” The most famous dating apps in the world” the search history is stored unless she has used an anonymity app like tor browser or probably was in incognito mode. When device B for the hacker is opened and the hacker hacks into the victim’s account and logs it into the device, he will be able to view the search history of the that account. How?

Step 1: Log into the victim’s account

Step 2: At the top right corner of your chrome browser, there are three dots, click on them

Step 3: Click on history. The search history of the account will be displayed but it will only show results of what you have searched in your hacking device(Device B). To find out what the victim searched for, move your cursor to the lower left corner of your screen. There’s a link called “My other account activity, click on that link and you will be able to see what the victim had searched for in other devices

I uploaded a video on you-tube talking about the possibility of someone viewing your search history on google and you would love to watch it; however do not put this into practice by hacking into someone’ account and evading their privacy; privacy evasion is against the law in most countries and even in Uganda.

How hackers are able to view your search history

They simply just want to find out if you are cheating on them. Most spouses will open their partner’s search history to find out that. I have a friend who had a Christian boyfriend whose behavior had changed lately. What she did was hack into his account and check out his past activity; that is how she got to discover that he was watching pornography and pornography had replaced her. It was true because she sneaked to his phone one time when he was sleeping and found he had been watching a pornography clip. You may want to read the impact of pornography on relationships through the Utahstate University article,more%20psychological%20aggression%20between%20partners.

Among the impacts highlighted was less positive communication which was happening to my friend but also I want to highlight that sometimes hacking is inevitable, it could same someone.

Another reason why a hacker may want to check out your google search history is the desire to find out your vital information. The hacker wants to find out if you left traces of your personal documents like financial login information and once they are able to find this, then they go ahead and exploit the victim. You may want to read Science daily’s article on search histories for more knowledge on search histories and hackers

Someone may want to find out what you search on google because you are a potential threat. Governments have exploited the privacy of the opposition members because they have found them to be a threat. In your search history, there is a possibility of finding your personal blog logged in and it being pulled down. Search histories are some of the drivers of surveillance. Incase the implementer discovers that you are a threat, then they put you under surveillance

Some search histories are exploited because of the need to tarnish the victim’s image

At the end of it all we zero down to the fact that every hacker has personal reasons for exploiting your account. As a user who wants to be safe, your role should be protecting yourself as you go about doing your work online

Use anonymity tools like the tor browser, or even use incognito mode for browsing. Check on this website the link below for installing digital security tool

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