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  • Google Photos and hacking

    Google Photos and hacking

    Today we will be placing a focus on Google Photos and hacking. Did you know that if a hacker manages to access your Google account, they will be able to see your Google photos too and if they happen to be sensitive, then they will be able to misuse the information? If a Google account…

  • QR code phishing attacks

    Hello, today I will be focusing on the magic behind QR codes and phishing links. There is currently an increased number of QR code phishing attacks. There’s always a beauty behind scanning a QR code to access a service. Before you open any QR code, there’s a link behind it. Unfortunately, a few people will…

  • Explaining the different types of backup

    Explaining the different types of backup

    What is a backup? Backup is copying of physical or virtual files of a database to a secondary location so that in case of any unfortunate situation, there is already a copy available. Backing up is necessary when dealing with copies of computer files to avoid a complete loss. Even when handling websites, it is…

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