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Signs that your phone has been hacked

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Do you know that sometimes we end up using devices that have been hacked without knowing. This places us at risk and the information that we have; sometimes it could be financial information like emails containing our financial card details, identity information. Here are the signs to look out for if you think you have been hacked

Excessive battery drainage. The battery of your phone is excessively drained due to so much activity taking place in your device

Unexpected messages. You get unexpected messages especially from the person who has hacked your phone. It could be an ex, simply letting you know of the things you’ve been doing in your phone

Suspicious apps. You find apps that you never installed and these apps are mostly surveillance apps that aid in monitoring your; they could be screen recorders, hacking apps.

Your screen constantly blacks out. You notice that your screen is constantly blacking out when you are not the one making it black out

Your data runs out. The data that you put on your phone runs faster and yet you use less of it

Your phone slows down because there is so much monitoring taking place in it. Some apps are running but are hidden

Because we know that our phones can be hacked, we ought to keep watch of these signs so that we can take action to solve the problem.

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