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Money making as a cause for cyber harrassment:blogging

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The era that we are living is an era where money is made from the web. Many people have taken blogging as a source of income and it’s a good thing. It only becomes a problem when it starts having a negative impact on the lives of other people who are online. I made a video about bloggers making money out of the rampant publishing of abusive stories


desire to make #money by #bloggers one of the causes of cyberharrassment. check out my blog

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I want to tell you a story of an actor(Chidi Chike) who was grilled for not knowing how to act and yet he is being praised. During that time, I about 20 media houses posted criticising his acting and i can imagine how he must have felt, he must have been so discouraged and probably at one point felt like leaving the industry.

Now what were these bloggers looking for; they were looking for views that ofcourse turn into money because social media platforms pay; facebook pays, you-tube pays, tiktok pays. We must look beyond money most times and focus on humanity. Why earn money from what destroys someone else.

The rate at which online users are having depression is becoming highly rampant and so the number of people in mental health facilities is also becoming high. What if one day we decide that we will not troll but advice, we will not cyberstalk, and we will not do the usual awkward and negative modern custom of doxxing, how happy the internet would be.

Let me know your thoughts about bloggers and cyberharrassment

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