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It is amazing how far we have come with encryption. I believe if you came across my past posts on encryption, you had a grasp on what symmetric and asymmetric encryption is about. These are adventurous topics that dive you into the world of technology, especially while communicating via email.

Today we are going to learn how to add mailvelope to our browser and google accounts as an extension for encrypting emails. Mailvelope is a browser extension that provides an end to end encryption for email communications using openPGP standard

Step 1: Search for mailvelope on your browser and select the first result

Step 2: Scroll down and click the button “download mailvelope”

Step 3: Click “add to chrome” the button on your right

Step 4: After the extension has downloaded, click on the icon which is left of the download button, it is the link that displays extensions

Great that is it for now, I will be writing an additional article on how to create public and private keys using mailvelope. Mailvelope uses asymmetric encryption, the type of encryption that uses both public and private keys

If you want to add mailvelope to your browser as an extension, you can go to this blog’s page and access the various links to safe tools.

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