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Every organization has one way of encrypting and decripting data, the choice sometimes depends on the flexibility of the encryption method. A bank may choose both asymmetric and symmetric encryption depending on the convenience of the situation. While using the ATM card system, banks use symmetric encryption because it is faster and convenient. Remember so much information is in transit at ago and there is no time for the bank to create a key then you also create yours as it is with asymmetric encryption

Symmetric encryption is the type of encryption which involves using one private key to encrypt and decript information. An example is the pin of an ATM card, a wifi system password. Encrypted files that are encrypted and decripted with the same key use symmetric encryption; an example is an encrypted microsoft word document. It uses one password to encrypt and decript the message

An advantage of symetric encryption is that it is fast and convenient; it is easy and quick to compute. It doen’t require the person recieving the information to have a key to access the information like it is with asymmetric encryption. The key is also small in size, just a simple password with few characters

It is the type of encryption that uses both the public and private key. The public key is used for encryption and the private is used for decription . In this the sender and reciever must have a private key because if the sender has the key for encrypting and the reciever doesn’t have, she will not be able to read the message.


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Unlike symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption is very safe because it involves the use of two secret keys whose identity the reciever and sender don’t know but yet the same keys can decript the messages sent.

Examples of asymmetric encryption; Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA), the digital signature standard, elliptical curve cryptography, TSL and SSL Protocal

Focus: The SSL Protocol; it is a type of asymmetric encryption used to protect websites. The protocol ensures that the data transfered from the user to the server is private. The user is able to authenticate the identity of the server. That is why if you want to access a website with the hypertext transfer protocol(http ), the web browser gives you a warning that it is not safe because nothing is encrypted, your information is not encrypted and can be maliciously used by hackers. But if the website has hypertext transfer protocol secure(https), the communication between the user and the server during information transfer is very secure because it is encrypted. Whatsapp and signal use both symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms

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