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How to install the tor browser on your computer

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Tor browser is one of the most famous anonymity tools used by at-risk groups of people. Anonymity is key for people who may be at risk of being put under surveillance, facing hacking, and a possibility of what they search putting them into trouble. In this article, I will be taking you through the steps of installing the Tor browser on your computer and later on place emphasis on phone installation.

Dissecting the Tor browser

The Tor Browser could be new to some people’s faces, so I want to give further details about the browser’s features. The browser has the following features

Block trackers. The browser segregates every website that you visit; this makes it hard for you to be tracked. On those websites, adverts from third-party apps with the possibility of spreading phishing links, or even apps that monitor your location are blocked.

Tor browser facilitates multilayered encryption thus making it hard for unauthorised persons to view details about you

The browser also resists fingerprinting. A fingerprint is an identity that can release your information with just a slight press. You must have noticed that whenever your fingerprint is captured to facilitate registration processes, using that fingerprint in the future will enable access to your information. Tor avoids that because it doesn’t want to put its users at risk of being identified

The browser enables you to browse freely because there is no record of past account details stored and neither is the account logged in

I just wanted to take you through the features of Tor browser before I take you through the steps and let’s go through the process of installing the browser, you may be interested in this link

Steps for installing Tor browser on your desktop

Step 1: Type on your chrome browser “tor browser” and search. Select the first result

On the upper right corner, click download. You will be taken to a page having links for downloading installation files for the browser depending on the operating system of your computer. Do not just download the software anyhow, because it may not be compatible with your operating system, select a software that is compatible with your operating system. When you look at the categories given there is download for Windows which is compatible for devices using Windows operating system, and then there is a download for macOS which is compatible for apple devices, there’s download for linux and then for android. Let’s assume we are installing for windows

Step 2: Select download and the software will be downloaded

Step 3: Open your downloads, copy and paste the file on your preffered location

Step 4: Double-click on the file or right click and select run

Step 5: Select the language and click okay and then click install

Step 6: Click finish and your browser will have been installed

How do we turn incognito mode as a supplement to the Tor browser especially in situations when you need faster results

Open your chrome browser, then click on the three dots of the to-right corner, click on new incognito window and then you can now browse privately

Tor browser is good but slow, but what is important is your safety than it being slow

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