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Fingerprint identification is the method of identifying people with patterns on their fingertips. Fingertips have been used for a very long time, since the world’s beginning. You understand that in the early days, fingerprints were used instead of signatures because most people didn’t know how to write. If there was a land agreement to be signed, the people placed their fingers in mud and then pressed on the paper to be able to sign.

Before we go ahead to discussing about fingerprints and security, I have made TikTok videos before on fingerprints and I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss out, so kindly checkout the tiktok videos embedded page on this blog.

Why are fingerprints unique security features?

No two fingerprints look alike, there is a difference. Even after making several comparisons using billions of computations, it has been discovered that there has to be a great difference in the fingertips. That is why many governments have adopted the use of fingerprints as a security feature. Read’ article on fingerprints

In what instances are fingerprints used in security?

In criminal cases.

The police have often used fingerprints to identify criminals. If there is a murder scene, one of the first things that the police will check out for is the fingerprint. That is why if you find someone dead, you shouldn’t touch them because you will destroy the evidence and be pinned for a crime you did not commit. What do police usually scan? They could scan anything that could be touched like a cloth, door knobs, computers

How are the fingerprints scanned?

Once evidence is collected, fingerprints are computerized by the police. The collection of fingerprints varies according to the type of fingerprint; latent fingerprints are formed when the body’s sweat gets in touch with the surface; they are not readily available and detection requires the use of fingerprint powders.

Patent fingerprints are the easiest to collect; they are simply photographed using a high-resolution with a forensic measurement scale in the image. The investigators can improve on the fingerprints by working on the lighting or using dyes

Latent fingerprints are a bit hard to scan and trace; the surface suspected to have the fingerprint is dusted with fingerprint powder and when the fingerprint appears, it is photographed improved, and lifted from the surface using superglue

Comparison with already collected information

So the already existing databases are used to analyze potential matching sources. Some of the databases could be government databases where fingerprints are captured for example the Interpol database, and the National Identification Agency database. Many of the databases enable the identification of the match. It is after making the match that the potential offenders are identified. That is why there are instances when arrests are performed

In the protection of electronic devices

We realize that if we use fingerprints to protect our devices like phones, no one has access to the information that is in them. This is because fingerprints never look alike and so if a hacker tries to open your phone, the fingerprint will be repelled

In the protection of bank accounts

For you to be able to withdraw money when you don’t have proof of identification, you must put your fingerprint for scanning so that protection is ensured in the account. When you go and withdraw money from a bank’s counter, your fingerprint is scanned to verify if you are the owner of the account

In clearing off offenses

This happens in the Interpol mostly. If the state wants to verify that there is nothing wrong with you and you are not a criminal, your details are collected and matched with the details of other security agencies to show you are not a criminal

In the identification of unknown persons.

This could happen when someone had been kidnapped and has now been recovered when an accident has happened and the police don’t even know the name of the accident victims

There are so many instances where persons have been kidnapped but I am just going to refer you to external links that could aid your reading. I am not so fine today,their%20fingerprints%20are%20on%20file)

One advise is that whenever you come across a crime scene, try as much as possible not to touch anything or use gloves if you must because you may be implicated for a crime you never committed. Your fingerprint often stays on the item. I have already described how it is possible above and trust me you would want to fall victim

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