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How to create an SSL certificate

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To guarantee users that their information is safe, having an SSL certificate is inevitable. What is an SSL Certificate? Fortnet defines an SSL certificate as a file hosted within the web page’s origin server that holds the data browsers use when viewing and interacting with the page.

Whenever a user accesses your page and there is no SSL certificate installed, browsers will give the user a warning that your website is not safe at all and when your website is not encrypted with an SSL certificate, the information of the user is not safe at all. The browsers discourage your users from viewing your site an this limits your website traffick

What does an SSL certificate do?

An SSL certificate encrypts the communication between the client and the server. In the video I have attached by Sunny Classroom, you will get a detailed explanation of what exactly an SSL certificate does and how it works

How do you create an SSL certificate?
  • Login to your Cpanel
  • Scroll down, and select security
  • Hover your mouse over to SSL/TLS and click on it
  • On the right of your menu, select View, upload and Generate certificates, and Delete SSL certificates
  • Scroll down to Generate certificate. If you already purchased the certificate, then you can upload and follow the prompts. When generating the certificate, select the type of key, enter your domain name, enter your city, state, and then the country you are in, enter your company division, and email address, and then click Generate
  • A dialogue box will popup having installation instructions, click on install
  • A list of certificates will be displayed if you have previously created any but you will scroll down and fill in the details; domain name; address, certificates, and private key. To avoid complications, autofill the certificates, and click install certificate

I am sharing a video below highlighting the whole process of creating and installing the certificate

Want to learn more about the encryption of other documents, including emails or just what encryption is about? I have attached below links to my previous posts on encryption

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